Last night, PAPER copy editor-slash-comedy-writer Alex Scordelis and his girlfriend, former PAPER copy editor-slash-writer Melissa Seley, took me and Whitney to the UCBT's legendary Sunday night ASSSSCAT improv show. It was so fun! Amy Poehler was in the house, as were Janeane Garofalo, Horatio Sanz, John Lutz, Chris Gethard and Zach Woods.  One of Alex's favorite moments of the evening, which become mine after he mentioned it, was when one of the improvisers, comedian John Gemberling, was interacting with a crazed/disabled homeless man played by Sanz, who asked him in a crazy voice, "How are you?" and Gemberling responded jovially, "Me? I'm fine." Hm. Maybe you had to be there... In any case, please enjoy this amazing, understated, super-silly video of Gemberling doing a little dance at a supermarket.

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