Introducing Peter Davis' Status Update!

Peter Davis

PAPER's beloved editor-at-large Peter Davis has been a bit shy of the blogosphere... and understandably so! It's a dog eat dog world out there in the 'sphere! But with some heavy cajoling and serious coaxing, we finally got him on board. So, on a regular basis, he'll be doling out fashion, nightlife and celebrity-related nuggets culled from his life as a globetrotter and boy 'bout town. As a play on the fact that Peter is something of a Facebook-aphile, his blog will heretofore be called Peter Davis' Status Update. Enjoy his first blog!

"This is like a block party for preppies," Maggie Katz said scanning the crowd outside the Hanley store, which happens to be next to JG Mellon's, the 10021's fave hangout for Bloodys and Burgers. Nicole Hanley's flagship boutique opening was a sea of pink and green. Hanley herself dresses and designs clothes (think suede trimmed shirts and leather skirts) with more edge than LL Bean, but nonetheless she is a staple in Palm Beach and the UES. Who did I spot? Hanley's beau Matthew Mellon, Amy Fine Collins, Vogue's Devon Shuster and Valerie Boster, Bartle Bull, Dori Cooperman, Casey Johnson (who just moved back to NYC from LA), Carter Peabody, Carrie Cloud and Travis Acquavella, to name just a few of the people I love.

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