Introducing... London Designer on the Rise Thomas Tait

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

Precise and confrontational. Those are the words that best describe the work of 21-year-old fashion designer Thomas Tait. A native of Montreal, Thomas recently relocated to London to study in the MA fashion program at Central Saint Martins. While is work may be puzzling at times, one thing is for certain: Trait has a unique, distinct vision from which he does not deviate. "I am trying to push that idea of having something that people can go 'wow' at, but also accept into their lives," he recently told me. Mature beyond his years, Tait speaks with razor-sharp focus. When asked of love, he responded with a laugh, admitting that there's no special someone right now. "Most of the time when someone approaches me, it will be someone who is in the same aesthetic bracket as me, which I am really not attracted to," he says, "I am happy with someone who just wears Levi's jeans and any old T-shirt." An interesting little tidbit: Tait is best friends with designer Rad Hourani, who shot all the images for his website. They grew up together in Montreal, literally as neighbors.

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