Introducing Fashion Week Guest-Bloggers Outlaws of the Border

Lindsay Jones

Throughout New York Fashion Week, the husband-wife design team, Lindsay Jones and Gautier Pellegrin, behind one of our favorite new fashion lines Outlaws of the Border, will be blogging for us. Here's their first blog, which they wrote the day after their fashion show, held last night.

I must say i am very tired from a very magical evening involving last minute thread cutting, jewelry making, heart racing and hair pulling exhaustion. I was beyond excited to see the girls come together in there finished looks. This is the best form of dressing up... serious heaven for me.

The team was roaring, steaming action. Huge thanks to the Tela Design Studio who made "lion" hair for me and provided a great space on Little West 12th street. Thanks to my team, Maria Sharpe, everyone, I felt that last night had a tremendous energy.


The girls looked delicate and distorted, in powdery shades, of silks and gold. It all felt joyous and airy.

Jennifer Turner from the band Here we go Magic drove down from upstate New York, where they are working on recording their new album. She recorded some beats for me and worked out some lovely music box, beat box, music; and played on a grand piano.

I was behind the scenes, and I could only see Jen as I sent strange birds out the door.

I must rest now as it will be more fashion soon and I can hardly lift a finger.


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