Introducing CMJ Guest-Blogger Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy

We are thrilled, delighted and elated (yes, all three) to introduce you to our CMJ guest-blogger, the one and only Roisin Murphy. The Irish chanteuse, named "the thinking fashionista's pop hedonist" by this very magazine, is the best thing to hit the dance floor since Kylie and Madonna. We know that is a big claim, but seriously, see her live. This week she is taking New York by storm, performing as part of this town's annual CMJ Festival (on Friday at Mansion, specifically). While she's here, we asked Ms. Murphy if she could document the insanity and madness of being a CMJ first-timer for PAPERMAG, and she readily obliged. Here is her first installment.

Yesterday I was in Nashville, I was jamming with legendary musicians at a one-off event to celebrate Jack Daniels' birthday, which was such a pleasure and a privilege. Yet all roads lead back to NYC, the city that has inspired me so much over the years. The first time I came here was in 1996 and I stayed for two months. I learned so much about music here, at clubs all around the city and particularly at “Body and Soul” where I met François K and Danny Krivit. This is the city that revealed the soul of house music to me, and ever since, I have tried to capture that in my own work. I will play a show for CMJ at Mansion on Friday. It took a while to get here and I am ready to smash the place up! In fact, it feels almost like a hometown gig what with all the friends I have to squeeze on to the guest list! My seven-piece band will arrive on Thursday, and until then I will be doing press interviews and photo shoots. Hopefully I will get to see some live music too...

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