Intern-al Affairs: Meet Kat Stoeffel

Age: 18

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

School: Brown University

Best thing about interning at PAPER: Watching the magazine come together page by page.

The worst: Trying to navigate Canal Street or Times Square while carrying a huge garment bag of designer clothes.

Fave PAPER cover and why: Penelope Cruz, October 2006, because who knew she could pull off platinum blonde?

Where do you see yourself in five years: I’ll probably be one of those sullen grad students complaining about their debt.

Fave free things you do in NYC: Sampling flavors at Tasti-D-Lite, free concerts at South Street Seaport and free movies in Bryant Park.

Facebook or MySpace: The Facebook

Fave blog: Gawker, Feministing and Brooklyn Vegan

Fave designers: Miucci Prada and Nicholas Ghesquiere

Fave restaurant: Topaz Thai on 56th between 6th and 7th. It’s a hole in the wall but it has my all-time favorite Pad See Eew.

Fave bar: Any establishment sympathetic to my underagedness!

Five first songs that play when you set your iPod to shuffle:

“Love and Communication” - Cat Power
“Things Done Changed” - Notorious B.I.G.
“Glosoli” - Sigur Ros
“Denvermolorado” - Atmosphere
“The Softest Voice” - Animal Collective

What's the best thing you've seen in the city this summer?
Daft Punk out on Coney Island!

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