Intern-al Affairs: Meet Jordan Kinney

Name: Jordan Kinney

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

School: Emerson College, class of ‘07

Position: Intern of the Fabulous Persuasion

Best thing about interning at PAPER: That the office is in Koreatown.

The worst: Not at liberty to discuss.

Fave PAPER cover and why: First Fergie cover, August ’05, because she looks so trashy, y'all.

Fave PAPER person and why: Kim, because she’s friggin’ hilarious.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: Conducting illegal boat tours in Laos.

Fave free things you do in NYC: Having my picture taken, judging others, appropriating urban culture, MoMA on Fridays!!!!

Facebook or MySpace: “The Space”

Fave blog: One D at a Time and Gawker

Fave designer: Issey Miyake and Anne Taylor (she’s really talented).

Fave restaurant: Wendy’s

Fave bar: The bar at Chili’s… The waitstaff is so friendly there!!!!!!

First five songs that come up on your iPod when you set it to shuffle:
1. Umbrella - Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
2. My Moon, My Man (Boys Noize Remix) - Feist
3. J'attends - Hocus Pocus
4. Loverboy - Ariel Pink
5. How Will I Know - Whitney Houston

Your fashion icon: Jughead from Archie comics.

By Blaire Huntley

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