Intern-al Affairs: Meet Intern Kiki

Ursula Viglietta

Name: Kiki Turner

Age: 19

Hometown: New York

School: Yale

Best thing about interning at PAPER: Free use of the powers of snarkitude .

The worst: I’ve had some lower back pain.

Fave PAPER cover and why: I like the Valentine’s Day cover in newsprint from ’85 that hangs in the entrance way; very appealing format.

Fave PAPER person and why: Alexis, without her I’d be perpetually confused.

Where do you see yourself in five years: complete blank

Fave free things you do in NYC: stoop-squatting

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook, of course

Fave blog: I like the dead baby and penis humor of The Superficial.

Fave designer: Miu Miu

Fave restaurant: Katz’s

Fave bar: The Bistro

Five first songs that play when you set your iPod to shufffle:

“Eddie” - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
“I Was Made to Love Her” - Stevie Wonder
“Big Mouth” - The Smiths
“The Start of Something - Voxtrot
“Fight the Power” - Public Enemy

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