In the wake of the election and the resulting spotlight it's put on the proliferation of fake news sites on Facebook and Google, we've seen several different lists of "sites not to trust and block" floating around. So, naturally, it was only a matter of time until someone made a handy-dandy Chrome extension that let's you know when something's not quite right.

That's right, Select/All's Brian Feldman has just put together a simple Chrome browser extension that alerts you with a pop-up every time you click on a link from one of media studies professor Melissa Zimdars's expansive list of unreliable websites. And because Feldman says there's room for improvement re: flagging fishy sources that fall outside Zimdar's list or adapting it for Firefox and Safari, he's also offering the source code on GitHub, so we can all help out and make it the best alert system it could be.

Make sure to install this on your extended family's computer when you're home for Thanksgiving.

Install it here.

[h/t Select/All]

photo by Billy Farrell/

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