Tidal's star-studded press conference Monday was jokingly described on Twitter by many as looking like the gathering of a celebrity Illuminati cabal. And now this video from creative agency Don't Panic London is here to show us that we were all right. Wake up, sheeple! Behind Daft Punk's masks are lizard overlords who rule over a complicated surveillance network located under Mount Rushmore where Tupac, Biggie, Steve Jobs and Kurt Cobain are currently monitoring TV screens fed directly from the Oval Office, NASA mission control, CIA headquarters and Oprah's Santa Barbara compound.

Even Tidal artist Madonna, who tauntingly has a song called "Illuminati" on her new album, has taken to Instagram to reveal the music steaming service's true, shadowy mission: To reign over the world "for the better:"
"If you refer to Tidal as Illuminati, you are paying us the highest of compliments. As I've stated before it is another name for "The Enlightened Ones" a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shaped the world for the better! Do the research and find out for yourself! #knowledge is power #rebelheart"

And #power is #lizardpeople.

Watch above. Trust no one.

[via Jezebel]
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