Inside The Banquet Boutique in Boerum Hill

Carly Pifer

If you've ever daydreamed of opening up a boutique with your best friend, be prepared to experience an intense wash of jealousy. Meet clothing designer Miranda Bennett and her partner, jewelry designer Pamela Johnston, the ladies behind The Banquet in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Named in honor of the monthly feasts in which they clear off the tables and invite friends to enjoy what Pamela calls "an extension of our homes," the store feels a lot like a gallery space; "Our hand goes into every piece, deciding if it's going to be in the store and why, " Miranda says.
As your jealousy subsides, soak in the heaps of goodies this boutique has to offer, starting with Pamela's line, Plume Jewels, laid out on the glass tables meant to appear like a "feast of jewels" Miranda says, The highlights include simple, smooth earring bars in silver and gold, elegant with a bit of an endge, and the link necklace, which Pamela does every season in different colors. There are also the vintage pieces that she peppers in with her modern staples. Right now Pamela's having a collar moment, and the sturdiness of the metal fittings contrast nicely with her longer necklaces.
Then there are Miranda's designs. Luxe fabrics -- like silk georgette and silk charmeuse -- reign supreme. The "Picnic Dress," a flowy everyday item punctuated by an elastic, adjustable strap with little toggles, comes in day and night versions. Her other best sellers are "The Strap Hanger," which is available as both a top and dress, and "The High Tea Dress," a Grecian inspired piece. Miranda explains that the watercolor scarves, which come in three different sizes, "are painted and dip-dyed to give a nice pop of color; it's a nice opportunity to experiment."
Other cool stuff they've got going; terrariums by friend Emily Waterhouse, each one unique, hand cut glass, or a found coyote tooth. The hanging feathers caught our eye, and the ladies said they will be holding a workshop in October featuring wine, feathers and friends.

The Banquet
360 Atlantic Ave.
(718) 522-6906
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

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