Inside Bushwick's New Underground Venue, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Rebecca Smeyne

Friday night, we found ourselves on an unplanned outing to a new underground music venue in Bushwick -- one of our very favorite kinds of adventures. The place is called Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, and it in no way resembles a lodge nor references any buffalos in its decor (OK, technically, there's one bear head mounted next to the mirrored bar); the exterior bears the awning of the space's former tenant, Good Times Party Hall, and the interior, as you can see in these pictures, is more along the lines of fellow Brooklyn d.i.y haunts Death By Audio, Silent Barn (RIP), and Shea Stadium (some of whose staff launched Big Snow). Mark DeNardo, frontman of the self-described "8-bit punk band" Grafitti Monsters put together a "Black Friday" bill, featuring his own band, a rousing hardcore act called Fake Hooker, Beef  and trance-y electronic-solo-artist-in-a-three-piece-suit Smhoak Mosheein. Some iphone-ography of the night in the gallery above.

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