My friend, the great lighting designer Ingo Maurer, stopped by the office yesterday to visit and he was so excited because last night was the huge auction of lighting design that contained a ton of his work in Paris. Shown and sold were many of Ingo's most famous one-of-a-kind lighting works that he has created since the 1970s. I went on the site and the results have not been posted yet but I'm sure it was a sellout. Ingo was in town for the hanging of the newest (Unicef sponsored) Baccarat snowflake on the corner of 57th Street at Fifth Avenue. It's so beautiful.  I wonder if New Yorkers even realize that this snowflake is unlike any other Christmas decoration in the city. This one is a masterpiece created by one of the world's most legendary light creators since Isamo Noguchi. Go and see it!!!!!! It's enormous, so beautiful it will give you the chills and entirely made of Baccarat crystal. Ingo is a great friend and neighbor for many, many years. (He comes to my house for Thanksgiving and brings me olive oil from his farm/trees in Tuscany!) Last Christmas, to go with my collection of his lights, he gave me what is my favorite piece he's ever done: a sconce with a  hologram of a lightbulb on it for my home. It's awesome.  The best news is that Ingo is creating a special installation piece for our PAPER Project LA, made of 150 of his hanging candles. I can't wait!


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