In Case You Missed It: Incase X Andy Warhol Launches at Openhouse Gallery


PAPER friends and arty young things flocked to Openhouse Gallery last night in Nolita to celebrate Incase's new line of  Andy Warhol  sleeves, bags, and cases for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The series uses Warhol's seminal and brightly colored Camoflauge, Banana, Flowers, Dollar Signs and Cow screen prints -- making lost phones a breeze to find in a pile of clothes on your bedroom floor. (Not that we know what that's like.) Xeno & Oaklander performed live, people partook in Bushmills cocktails and got down to a DJ set by Lovefingers, and several partygoers took turns peering into the video camera that was projecting on to the side of a huge wall. After all, everyone deserves to be famous for 15 minutes.

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