There are a couple elements that are very important to make an effective trailer for an action blockbuster:

1. Will Smith.

2. A slow pan up something enormous or into something mysterious as tubas go BWAAAAAAAA ... BWAAAAAAAA in the background.

3. A montage of our hero sliding under a closing door as an alarm sounds/running from something/jumping over a crevasse/trying to save somebody but their fingers! keep! slipping! set to an escalating, suspenseful string section with punchy drums.

4. One line of dialogue after the scary strings cut out and then a final tuba blast as the title is revealed.

But what if you have exactly none of those things? Well, as IMAX revealed when they accidentally released a trailer for Tom Cruise's The Mummy without any of the sound effects, you're pretty much left with a stream of grunts, screams and shrieks. And it's absolutely amazing.

Watch below...

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