Since Beyoncé dropped her surprise album Lemonade this past weekend, everyone has had an opinion about it. While much of the internet has been thrilled by Lemonade in its entirety, there have been a few celebrities who have taken issue with Beyoncé's latest work. On Tuesday, Piers Morgan penned an article expressing how it was "anti-police," Alex Jones is convinced that Lemonade was made to create a race war and now Iggy Azalea is slamming Beyoncé's "Becky" reference. After a fan referred to Azalea as a "Becky," she proceeded to explain how she saw the term Beyoncé used as "offensive" and reverse racism.

Instead of seeing Lemonade as a work of creative expression and one made to create positive change, celebrities and musicians keep missing the point. All in all, some opinions are best left kept off of social media.

See below for the latest Lemonade-hate from Azalea.

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