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By now, we all know Papa John's truther and equestrian Iggy Azalea's engagement to Lakers star Nick Young has been called off for a second and final time, following (filmed) allegations that Young was "stepping out" on Iggz, as my nana would say. (RIP, Nana!)

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Recently, TMZ reported that the Australian import literally kicked Young's ass (and belongings) to the literal curb, like some kind of bougie country song.

Ms. Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, decided to take to Twitter--which she uses now mostly to troll her cornucopia of haters and share updates and videos of her horses--to clear up the buttery, beige rumor-mill.

Iggy added a little ditty about Young's "baby mother" (lol), Keonna Green--with whom Nick already has one son with.

Green has apparently landed herself an exclusive "tell-all" deal with an unnamed media outlet, as one does! '

The real mess was unleashed when Iggy-Iggz tweeted this thunderous OOP.

Oh, GOD.


While, I'll be the first one to willingly dunk my face in scalding hot water when one of her tunes comes on, that is pretty terrible, and I...feel very bad for Iggy.

This is yet ANOTHER case for a #BanStraightMan2017 movement!

Hopefully, this heartache will inspire the Iggy Azalea music comeback we've all been waiting for...

On second thought.

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