"If You Want to See a Dude F*ck a Plant, This Show's For You:" AndrewAndrew Insta-Review Botanica


If you've had your fill of tame/lame Broadway shows, are a fan of Sci-Fi, and happen to have
dendrophilia, this show is perfect for you. Take two sequestered scientists who start taking hallucinogenic drugs, a very creepy janitor that likes to make out with flora (in this instance not a drag queen), and a stage full of plants that would make the set of The Little Shop of Horrors green with envy,and you'll get the general idea behind the new off-off Broadway production. Can Jim Findlay's Botanica, now playing at the very downtown 3LD Art 7 Technology Center make botany sexy? Or are you better off spending the evening cuddling up with a fern and watching SMASH? Watch our full review to find out.

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