You know the old axiom-- if you can think it, then there's porn of it? The same is true for dating sites. From Christian Mingle to Arya, a dating site for the rich and influential, it would seem that every small, niche community is represented in the world of online dating. Now Donald Trump supporters even have their own:

The New York Post reports that the dating site which already appears to have crashed-- the Internet broke it-- already has 500 members hailing mostly from metropolitan areas like D.C. and NYC. For the low cost of $4.95 a month, you can get as much conservative peen as you want!

Adam Peck at The New Republic points out that a cursory search reveals that all the peen on the site is white peen, as there are zero non-white people-- not even Stacey Dash-- currently seeking partnership or sexy times with Trump supporters.


(h/t The New Republic)

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