Ice Cube is starring in Humbug, a fresh new take on the classic A Christmas Carol, which has definitely never been filmed before. 

Nope, definitely not.

The idea to do a filmed version of A Christmas Carol is really ingenious and original. 

I wonder why no one has done it before?

Or why no one has done it with a high-concept twist? What a great idea!


Look, here's what Ice Cube should do -- free pitch, Universal: a remake of School of Rock called School of Rap, in which Cube plays the Jack Black role of the goofy true believer who teaches a school full of kids how to be badass musical geniuses. Jaden and Willow Smith will play two of his charges. Future will play Spider, Queen Latifah will play the Joan Cusack principal role, and, of course, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) will play Schneebly. You're welcome.
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