I Want Sarah Palin's Mascara Budget!

Whitney Spaner

As reported yesterday, the RNC spent $150,000 on a makeover for Sarah Palin and her family and $4,100 of that was on hair and makeup for the beauty queen runner-up! I would love to know what kind of makeup regimen $4,000 gets you these days. I have a hard time shilling out the $20 for my Dior Show mascara, and with her budget I could buy 205 tubes! Can we see a run down of the products used, RNC? Her look doesn't seem like anything special. I'm not drooling over the length and separation of her eyelashes and her hair doesn't look like anything more than a slight beehive and some serious highlights, but I'm sure that the day of the debate she spent a few hours at the salon. She was probably reviewing flashcards under the hairdryer. Her 'do didn't move during the debate! What hairspray was that? Does Joe Biden splurge on the same kind?

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