I Compulsively Search On the Internet For...

Killer Mike, rapper: "I am slightly obsessed with antique barber chairs, and constantly go on eBay and old barbers' forums to look for them. It's hard to find a full set, because athletes and rich rappers will buy just one and break up the set. I once found eight chairs, they were Belmonts, from the 1960s, and I bought them for about $10,000. My wife said, "Are you fucking crazy? Take them back." I had to call and get the money back. I told the guy, "It was a mistake, bro, I'm sorry." He was understanding.

Karen Elson, model/musician: I'm always looking for Romany gypsy caravans. I want one in my backyard in Nashville. I almost bought one off eBay from a guy in the English countryside, but then realized that shipping it would cost as much as the caravan itself and it may not end up in one piece in Nashville. However, I still look all over the Internet hoping that somewhere in Ohio or Alabama someone will find grandpa's old medicine show caravan and sell it to me."

Edith Zimmerman, writer: "I always search for mourning jewelry, the oftentimes onyx/gold/bone/ivory trinkets that people made and wore back in the day in remembrance of dead loved ones. The pieces -- my favorites are rings -- often have the deceased's initials or a piece of hair, either just tucked into a locket-type face, or embroidered into a piece of cloth. I'm searching for the perfect mourning ring. Or the perfect memento mori ring. Except I might never buy one, because in practice it might feel strange to wear someone else's heartbreak as a casual accessory."

Gary Shteyngart, novelist: "I obsessively Google airports -- what they look like; how many gates they have; which airlines fly into them; are they hubs; are there telescopic gates or do you have to deplane on the hot tarmac; fatal accidents. I've even watched YouTube videos of airplanes landing at certain airports. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Antique barber chair photo by Killer Mike. Via @KillerMikeGTO.


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