I loved Guy Trebay's article in the Sunday T supplement about "dish queens." I never knew that this obsession/disease had a name, but I must say that this article described ME! I have had an obsession with dishes and pottery for the past thirty years. Since my first introduction to Bauer ware, when I was an art student in Los Angeles in the seventies, I was hooked. Bauer was a vintage ceramic studio that burned down in the 1950s and I used to find the colorful ringed dishes in thrift stores for a buck. I became obsessed and built a huge collection which I still to this day eat off of. Those dishes that I used to get for a dollar go for a hundred bucks each these days they are so rare. I then began collecting Eva Zeisel, Raymor and Russel Wright.  People thought I was NUTS. Just over the past few years though I have collected two new sets of dishes. I now have a big set of Heath Ceramics (which you can still buy new in Sausalito California!) and a huge set of Isaac Mizrahi dishes that Target produced this past summer (above left). The Mizrahi dishes have huge flowers all over them. And just this week I went out of control and bought a set of striped and polka dot mugs from Kate Spade (see above left). I'm so obsessed. I'm so happy Trebay finally gave it a name. I AM A DISH QUEEN.


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