There could be a lot of reasons you're having a bummer week: You were super invested in the Cara Delevingne-St. Vincent relationship (RIP), you're tired of waiting for the new A$AP Rocky album to drop, your mom/ex/former roommate changed the HBOGo password and won't tell you what it is now... But now you have a reason to get out of those spring doldrums with the news that Hulu has agreed to purchase the rights to stream every episode of Seinfeld for a measly $160 million. Why leave your couch for stupid things like "sunlight" or "your job" or "because you're literally developing bedsores" when you can rewatch "The Contest" for the millionth time?

The move is also a sign that Hulu is tired of being pushed around by undisputed VOD big dog Netflix. After their deal to stream every episode of Friends and their huge lead in the original content category, Netflix seemed poised to leave their little brother in the dust. Now, after the Seinfeld acquisition and their just-completed deal to stream upcoming episodes of original AMC shows, Hulu seems more than up for the corporate dogfight. But that's all very inside baseball. The main news is: Seinfeld! Legally streamable! Rejoice!

[h/t Variety]

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