Thinking of Halloween costumes, especially for a group, is one of the worst tasks imaginable -- it's vaguely creative, so you feel like you're getting something done while batting around ideas, but it's for a decision that ultimately no one will adhere to, and that won't change your night too much. Worst of all, it's really difficult to find a group costume with relevance, thematic coherence, and that will make you look good when it's time to go out on Halloween. 

Thankfully, we've got you covered here, with the best possible way of organizing your crew -- several iterations of different celebrity looks, each of which will give you a full, historically accurate* portrait of the life of a particular person. We'll be giving these to you all week, starting with some of the most iconic Kim Kardashian looks, and how you and your friends can successfully say "Oh, we're all Kim K."

#TBT I miss you boo�

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