So far this week, we've given girl gangs options for celebrity timeline group costumes with Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton. But dudes going out with their bros also need celebrities who have had a multiplicity of looks over the course of several years to ape as part of their Halloween costumes, each of which are equally distinctive. When you think about those criteria, does anyone come to mind other than Aubrey Drake Graham?

The very fact of Drake's internet-friendliness -- the fact that he's a human meme, whose every public appearance seems to produce its own sequence of jokes -- makes him the perfect person to channel as part of your group outing, and your attempts to make sure that your hotline blings by the end of the night. Accordingly, we've collected some classic Drake looks and told you squad how to wear them.

Degrassi Boner Drake
A throwback to his pre-sad rap days on Degrassi, the infamous Sweatpants Boner Jimmy episode is probably the most gif-able and memorable moment from Drake's acting days. Even better? It's a super easy to pull off/is a nice excuse to just lay down the entire Halloween party. All you'll need is a pair of $15 gray Hanes sweats, an accompanying $5 red shirt and a firm, over-sized eggplant to stuff into said sweats... You know, just in case you don't already own a strap-on.

Ugly Sweater Drake
Ugly Sweater Drake For a minute, Drake became known for wearing fugly-ass C--- (we won't go there) Coogi-esque sweaters that looked like something your high school physics professor would wear. Against all odds, Drizzy pulled them off and inspired a ton of bearded, proto-lumbersexual imitators who just wanted to be comfy as hell. On Fright night, just head to your local Goodwill and pick the patterned monstrosity of your choice to throw over a pair of jeans. Pink rings, a cigar and stupid glasses (see above from the "Headlines" video) are also acceptable accessories to balance out the dad-ness. Actually, scratch that. To double down on the dad-ness.

Bar Mitzvah Drake ("HYFR" Edition)

Drake's "HYFR" video made us all want to go to an adult bar mitzvah where instead of awkwardly slow-dancing during "snowballs," we'd swill Patrón and Manischewitz. While we can't all be as #blessed as Drizzy and re-affirm our commitment to Judaism with a rager, we can, however, channel his look. This is exceedingly easy and only requires a rumpled white dress shirt (sweat stains a plus), black slacks and the aforementioned Patrón and Manischewitz. Bonus points for getting your squad to carry around a chair and lift you up every so often throughout the evening.

Lint Roller Drake

When you're a globe-trotting rap god, it's important to look your best at all times, and the thing that separates a 6 God from one of the lesser 6 deities is an all-consuming vigilance against lint, and a willingness to turn yourself into a human meme in the pursuit of success. Grab the most expensive black jeans and sneakers you can afford, a Toronto Raptors hoodie, a lint roller, a look on your face that makes it clear you know people will make fun of you for doing this but fuck it, you can't have lint on your black pants. Hypebeast achievement unlocked!

Glasses Drake
Let's face it, sometimes putting in your contacts just fills you with woes. Drake knows this, and when he opted to go with his 'at home' gold-plated glasses that make him look like a very chic turtle (or Jerry Seinfeld) at a Raptors game, we knew we were all seeing the softer side of Aubrey. All you need is a white sweater and gold pipe cleaners or florist wire for the glasses. (Glasses tutorial here.) 

Final Form* Buff Drake

Here's Drake's current form, for the member of your squad who's done the most working out in the past year. Be surprisingly buff, keep your hair cropped close to your head while your beard looks like it was drawn on with a sharpie, and then acquire a too-small gray T-shirt and pink shorts to complete the look. Strain madly with small weights and scribble on a praying hands tattoo, and you're good to go. Maybe call Serena Williams, if she's free.

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