Since launching in 2007, Tumblr now hosts more than 50 million blogs, including pages for President Obama, Lady Gaga and, probably, your grandma. (PAPER's got one, too!) In 2009, a quirky phenomenon started gaining traction on the site: single-purpose Tumblrs. a handful of Tumblr-users zeroed in on a topic and blogged like crazy about it. Here are tips on how to make your own single-purpose Tumblr go viral.

1) Blog about your obsessions
What's your weirdest obsession? There are already Tumblr pages dedicated to photos of Justin Timberlake "doing things" and Star Wars characters made out of Legos. So if you can't stop thinking about Taiwanese ska bands or funny facial hair on character actors, funnel that passion into a Tumblr.

2) Be enthusiastic about your topic!
During Tumblr's infancy, two bloggers created a site called "Fuck yeah, Sharks!" featuring gnarly pics of Great Whites. From that site, the "Fuck yeah!" Tumblr meme was born. Now there are more than 44,000 "Fuck yeah!" Tumblrs, from "Fuck yeah, Liz Lemon!" to "Fuck yeah, Spaghetti!"

3) Make it about animals
If your single-purpose Tumblr happens to be about animals, prepare for your life to turn into the movie Contagion, because your site will go viral. "Animals Being Dicks," "Hungover Owls" and "Animals with Casts" are among the most popular. They're funnier than getting baked in the monkey house at the zoo.

4) Have fun and be funny
This isn't The New Yorker (although they also have a Tumblr); get silly with your single-purpose Tumblr site. For inspiration, look at "Kim Jong-il Dropping the Bass," "Feminist Ryan Gosling" or "Fake Criterions."


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