Now that the video for "No Frauds"--Nicki's rebuttal against Remy Ma's multiple diss tracks that reunited the Young Money dream team--is here, there are a lot of questions to be asked. Like, where is the narrative? Like, why are the costumes so amazing, but the locations so lacking? Like, who is that Remy Ma not-so-look-alike? While Nicki looks incredible (I'd venture even to say the best she's ever looked) I can't help but pine for something that is more "Only." To be fair, this song-to-video turnaround did happen very, very fast and we still see Nicki in a crown and Drake dressed like his dad so, still blessed.

Watch below and make of it what you will (don't @ me).

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Story by Jonathan Borge / Photography by Pol Kurucz / Styling by Marko Monroe / Hair by Gigi Goode / Nails by Juan Alvear