We're almost done with this absolute nightmare of a year, you guys! Only one thing to do (aside from moving all the rest of our living icons into a safe house) – stunt hard on New Year's Eve! Before we grind our heels on 2016's clinging fingers and watch it slip into the abyss, let's take a moment to gaze back at what we wore during the worst year of our collective lives. Fashion-wise, 2016 can be largely defined by its rehash/elevation of late-90s mall aesthetics, (complete with Hot Topic t-shirts, PacSun skate shoes, and fuzzy accessories from Claire's), and its fetish for well-worn, post-apocalyptic, military-inspired basics. In one word? Vetements. In two words? Gothic font. In three words? Fenty for Puma.

But hey, who needs words when we have pictures? We have gathered all of our favorite trends of the year for you below... how many of these can you incorporate into your final look of 2016?

Saint Pablo Tour Merch

Platform Boots

Parody fashion

Washed Out Basics

Vans Sk8 Shoes

Thrasher Tees


Extra Long Sleeves

Tattoo Chokers

Souvenir Jackets

Furry Accessories (bonus points for Fenty Puma slides)

Calvin Klein Undies

Layered Fishnets

Satin Bombers

Metal Aesthetic (bonus points for anything Vetements)

Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Patches and Pins

Lace-Up Body Suits

Puffer Coats

Splash image Julien Boudet/BFA

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