Hot Hunky Men Take Off Their Shirts For A Good Cause

by Gabby Bess
Mark Delannoy poses with Taylor the dog. Photo by Mike Ruiz

Cute and cuddly puppies are probably the one thing we love more than ripped, shirtless men that we can project our completely unrealistic fantasies onto. But luckily, an NYC-based animal rescue group created a calender that doesn't force us to choose between the two. And while we're at it, we can also support a great cause.

Camilo Hatuka and Lenny the dog. Photo by Mike Ruiz

Hunks and Hounds, shot by photographer Mike Ruiz, is the calendar brainchild of Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue that uses hot guys to promote animal adoption and welfare. But it's not just the dogs that are available -- the hunks are too. Ruiz told Huffington Post, "As far as I know, and I know a lot, they are all single." ;)

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