Hot Fuzz Is Hilarious!

This weekend opens the uproarious new film by the Shaun of the Dead director Edgar White: Hot Fuzz. It's about a tough London Sergeant (Simon Pegg) who is relocated to a bucolic British village and paired with a sweet bumbling PC (Nick Frost). He begins to suspect a series of deaths are not accidental and he can’t get anyone to help him track down a shadowy hooded character seen fleeing from each crime. A takeoff on buddy cop movies that is consistently comical and gets better as it goes along. Shaun Of The Dead I found amusing, but it wore thin towards the end. Here the comedy builds and by the time you get to the finale -- involving a violent shootout throughout the village -- you will be convulsed in laughter.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make a great pair -- a postmodern Laurel & Hardy. Even the wonderful Bill Nighy and Steve Coogan make cameos in this riotously funny film.

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