Hood by Air's menswear show was one of the most discussed events in the fashion world last June. For their latest windows, Barneys wants to make you feel like you were there. The store is recreating scenes from the HBA show at Paris's Philharmonie in their Madison Avenue windows.

Brandon and RomanTom Sibley/Barneys

The focal point of the windows are six almost-distrubingly-realistic mannequins made as exact replicas of the line's muses. Golo, Roman, Brandon, Sunny, Chucky, and Hirakish are all inspirations for the line, non-fashion people who designer Shayne Oliver was drawn to because they have "charisma, personality, and know how to make clothes look good". The months-long mannequin-creation process involved 3D scans, plaster casts, and painstaking application of details like tattoos, individual eyebrow hairs, and custom dentures.

ChuckyTom Sibley/Barneys

The result: Striking, unnerving dioramas that leap right across the uncanny valley, and of which Oliver thoroughly approves. "I think it's genius. For me, a lot of these guys are the new versions of beauty," Oliver said about the windows. "I think it's appropriate for them to be on pedestals in this way, and it's really cool that Barneys took time to appreciate and expose these individuals in this way and to this extent through this replication."

Tom Sibley/Barneys

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