Among the biggest events on the fashion calendar is the CDFA Awards, where fashion's brightest stars get all dolled up to celebrate the industry. This year, however, things were shook up when the honorees, author and icon Gloria Steinem, president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards and actress/activist Janelle Monae, essentially co-opted the awards show to share powerful political rhetoric.

Steinem reportedly lead the audience, which included Huma Abedin and Janet Mock, through the value of reproductive rights, what it means to be feminist and even touched on Trump's reckless abandon of the Paris Accord.

"Trump-like walls cannot stop poisoned air," she said, "or rising oceans, or even hungry and desperate refugees."

Cecile Richards followed up, addressing just how vital Planned Parenthood is to modern society.

"At Planned Parenthood, our motto is 'Care no matter what,' which is either a promise or a threat depending on where you sit," Richards said, while Monae really brought it home with the chant: "Women's rights are human rights, LGBTQ rights are human rights, poor folks' rights are human rights, minority rights are human rights."

While it may feel like the world is simultaneously moving forwards and backwards in the face of Trump's America, while more and more people of note use their platform to "resist, persist, insist", good must eventually prevail.

Keep on fighting, kids.

[h/t The Cut]
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