Bec Stupak frequently collaborates with friends on projects ranging from video zines to rave visuals. Now, for her first solo gallery show, the 28-year-old video artist has rounded up a choice crew of pals and Radical Faeries to star in Radical Earth Magic Flower. It's a sort of reenactment of Jack Smith's influential yet severely underappreciated 1963 masterpiece Flaming Creatures, a gorgeous black-and-white film so rife with pornography, homosexuality and other graphic content that it proved our culture's degeneracy by getting banned not only from most theaters but also from the state of New York. Stupak's faithfulness to her source was stymied by the fact that, although the youngsters who appear in her excellent new video had heard of Creatures, none had actually seen it. Nonetheless, it's thanks to Smith's visionary masterpiece that the kids got dressed up only to get undressed, romp and wrestle for the camera. In Stupak's version, there's also a party, an earthquake, an orgy, a Spanish dancer and a vampire. In her installation, she also includes a real-life ceremonial mandala made out of the faux body parts of drag queens.

Deitch Projects, 76 Grand St., (212) 343-7300. Jan. 12-Feb. 25.

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