Last night was part 2 of the sold out David Bowie Tribute Concert, held at Carnegie Hall (on March 31), and Radio City Music Hall (April1).

Famous musicians performed highlights from the late Bowie's peerless discography; featured artists included Michael Stipe, Pixies, Ann Wilson, Mumford & Sons, Blondie, Cat Power, and The Flaming Lips.

The star musicians--some of whom contemporaries of Bowie--kept it solely about the music.

Minus Wayne Coyne dressed like a Renaissance era aristocrat, resting on the shoulders of a man dressed like Chewbacca, during 'Life On Mars?'

Some other highlights included...

Ann Wilson (Space Oddity):

Michael Stipe & Amanda Palmer (Ashes to Ashes):

Joseph Arthur (The Man Who Sold the World):

Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bischoff, Anna Calvi, Kronos Quarter (Blackstar):

Perry Farrell & Holy Holy (Rebel, Rebel):

Blondie (Heroes):

Hopefully Bowie--still the biggest piece missing--got a kick out of it, while finally arriving back at his home planet.

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