Here's Your First Look at Kylie Jenner's New "Docu-Series" "Life of Kylie"
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Here's Your First Look at Kylie Jenner's New "Docu-Series" "Life of Kylie"

In case you forgot, Kylie Jenner, the last perfect female specimen to exit Kris Jenner's womb, was rumored to have her own show in July. While this certainly has explained why she was mostly absent from the latest season of KUWTK, as days turned to weeks with no murmurs of The Life of Kylie many of us wondered if a show delving deep into Kylie's enigmatic existence would come to fruition at all, but it has my friends. It has.

In the teaser for the series, Kylie informs us that while we think we know her, we don't. But what don't we know Kylie? Will we have to watch and find out? Apparently so. She also tells us there is an image she must "keep up" with (that ol' chestnut is starting to feel a little tired, don't you think?) and reminds us "nobody has a perfect life." But that just can't be true! Kylie definitely does! You'll just have to stay tuned!

Anyhow, it's clear The Life of Kylie will have drama a-plenty and many lip motifs. What a life it is that we lead.

Image via Instagram.

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