Here's Xavier Dolan's Controversial New Music Video

By Max Kessler

PAPER is no stranger to Xavier Dolan, the young filmmaker who loves to play with themes of sexuality and the complications of love (who was also featured in our spring issue a few years back). Dolan directed a new music video for French band Indochine and it's stirring up a lot of controversy. We've gotta say, the video is pretty disturbing, as it depicts the escalation of bullying against a schoolboy until he's crucified, tazed and shot. A censored version has already been made in France and Canada, and no version of it can be played on television during the daytime in France.  Dolan is angry about the censorship and made his case to La Parisien: "Is it really any more violent than the movies that are constantly appearing on our screens?...On these kind of channels you see situations that are racist, violent and degrading -- particularly to women. So it seems absurd to me that this video should be censored." Watch it above and let us know what you think. And one more needless word of warning: the video is graphic.

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