Here's What Photos Soaked in Absinthe Or Drano Look Like

by Abby Schreiber
New York-based photographer Matthew Cetta says he began experimenting with different liquids and chemicals mixed into photographic solutions after coming out of a deep depression. "I was terrified by everything, was agoraphobic, and couldn't even get out of bed," Cetta says on his site. "I left my self-made prison to explore the world around me...and shot this new fascinating world taking street photos and landscapes." Feeling that the images were still "bland," Cetta then began mixing everything from absinthe to Ambien in his emulsion, producing slightly surreal -- yet beautiful -- images of cityscapes and people that would become part of his Photogenic Alchemy series. Take a look at some of the entrancing photos above and below and head to his site to see more.




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