Here's The Song The XX Made for The Great Gatsby

By Max Kessler

1.  Here's "Together," the song that the xx made for The Great Gatsby. [via Vulture]

2.  Rob Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest that since he's gained weight, he sometimes cries when he sees himself naked in the shower because his penis "looks so small now." [via The Blemish]

3.  This week in "things that have apparently been known for years but we'd never heard": Ulf Ekberg, one of the founding members of Ace of Base, apparently started out as a neo-Nazi skinhead in a band called Commit Suiside. Wut? [via Noisey]

4.  Brooklyn Bowl will be livestreaming Vampire Weekend's Roseland Ballroom show this Sunday from 6pm-9pm. The livestream will be directed by Steve Buscemi, in case you haven't been following our round-the-clock Steve-Buscemi-Vampire-Weekend coverage.

5.  Nine new letters of reclusive author J.D. Salinger's have been acquired by the Morgan Library. Things we've learned from them: he thought that "Tolstoy will go places," recommended reading The Great Gatsby, wrote come-ons like "Sneaky Girl. You're pretty." and was sort of self deprecating. [via Gawker]

6.  Williamsburg club/bar/restaurant (depending on which floor you're on) Output is debuting its 2,500 square foot penthouse/rooftop bar this weekend with a big bash thrown by ReSolute. [via Commercial Observer]

7.  Here's the new $100 bill. Thoughts? [via BoingBoing]

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