Here's RuPaul Driving Henry Rollins Around While Giving Him Romantic Advice

by Max Kessler

We have an endless, simmering crush on writer/comedian/activist/ex-Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, and it looks like RuPaul has taken a liking to him, too. The latest episode of RuPaul Drives... -- the World of Wonder web series, which follows Ru as he drives special guests around town and chats them up -- finds R&R picking up some art while discussing Rollins' love life. Unlike the last episode, whose main point of interest was learning more about Ru (specifically, his karaoke habits), this episode is all about Rollins' difficulties with opening up: the beleaguered punk reveals that he has trouble with relationships because he overthinks things and has a tough time being vulnerable. And he does so in a very cute, stuttering way. Watch -- and swoon -- above.

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