Here's Rodarte and Todd Cole's Full Short Film Starring Elijah Wood and a Unicorn

by Elizabeth Thompson

In a 2011 interview with Paper, Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy referenced an obsession with horror films and their childhood in Santa Cruz, which they described as "a weird mixture of punks, skaters and surfers," as inspiring their love for fashion. This Must Be the Only Fantasy, made by Rodarte and filmmaker Todd Cole in partnership with the Creators Project a clip which debuted last week, features 18-year-old newcomer Sidney Williams as a portal-traveling warrior princess and Elijah Wood as some sort of '80s video game prince ready to give up his crown. Though it's more fantasy than horror or sci-fi, it has echoes of E.T., Lost Boys and others '80s films in which things were amiss in sleepy California suburbia. The film features clothes from Rodarte's Dungeons and Dragons-inspired Spring/Summer '13 line, music from Beach House and a unicorn.

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