Here's Bill Murray Dressed as Liberace on David Letterman

by Elizabeth Thompson

Goddammit, why does David Letterman have to be celebrating his 20th anniversary and having Bill Murray on dressed like Liberace while Time Warner cable CONTINUES to hold New York hostage with hot garbage from their Starz Kids' lineup instead of CBS? Bill had a tiny dog and everything! [PopCultureBrain]

Yes, yes and YES. Here's Geena Davis, whose mouth-full-of-marbles drawl is imprinted onto the brains of anyone born between 1978 and 1988 (bow down to the master Blake Lively), showing off her real-life archery skills in a Funny of Die video that also features her in her A League of Their Own uniform and has something or other to do with Davis' Institute on Gender in Media. It's perfect. Miss you, Geena. [TheMarySue]

Askdfjgh, Lori Loughlin tweeted this photo of her with Ashley Olsen at John Stamos' 50th birthday. Oh to have been invited! You know Mr. Bear tried to roll in with an entourage 20 deep and locked himself in the bathroom all night. [The Superficial/ Pic via Twitter]

Instant mood-booster: this video of a deeply adorable baby whistling. Very cool guy. [Ratsoff]

CASE CLOSED. [ImWithKanye]

David Schwimmer tore down his townhouse in the East Village one year before it was to receive landmark status. His neighbors left this spray-painted outside his house. [Uproxx]
Eww, luxury SUV door handles! But I will sit my bare g-stringed ass in a Barclay's center seat for 3 hours. [TheClearlyDope]

Just in case you're in need of a new Twitter icon/ ideas for nightmares tonight: Here's Ozzy Osbourne dressed as the Easter Bunny. [ThisIsNotPorn]

3-day weekend, wut WUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Morning Funnies'll see you Tuesday. [TheClearlyDope]

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