Here's An Amazing Short Doc About Sissy Bounce

By Max Kessler

Heads up guys: Sundance has a new line of short documentaries about emerging local music scenes and they're all great. The six films are each made by a different director and showcase a different city (Los Angeles, New York, Portland, New Orleans, Atlanta and Detroit) as well as the artists who help define the city's sound of the moment. Our favorite is director Abteen Bagheri's short about New Orleans "ass shaking music" Sissy Bounce -- a gay hip-hop genre heavy on rap and re-worked samples that doesn't often make its way onto the radio. Featuring heavyweights Diplo and Nicky Da B and lesser known artists Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia, the film gives a beautifully shot rundown of Bounce's origins as well as ample snippets of tracks that we need to download right now. Watch above.

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