Here's a Taste of What Woody Allen Would Be Like As a Pimp

by Max Kessler

John Turturro's latest movie, Fading Gigolo, might be more aptly titled "Middle Aged Man Falls Into Prostitution by Chance." Turturro, who directed and wrote the movie, also stars as a nebbishy florist/library loiterer whose friend, played by an even-more-nebbishy Woody Allen, becomes his pimp by happenstance. Turturro's clients include Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone and Vanessa Paradis, and they seem to all find him irresistibly charming. Does the world need another movie or TV show centered around a bunch of self-assured and stunning women inexplicably falling for a schlubby guy? Probably not, but that doesn't change our terror/delight/fascination with the idea of Woody Allen, pimp extraordinaire. Watch above.

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