Here's "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Reggie Watts

By Max Kessler

1.  Here's "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Reggie Watts. Watching Watts sing-narrate a fairy tale on the spot is priceless. [via Comedy Nerds United]

2.  In case you were wondering about how long Downton Abbey will run, here's a not-so-helpful clue: show creator Gareth Neame said "I would rather let the show run between four and 10 years, I imagine." He then noted that "I would rather that we picked the right year (to end) and that in 20 years time the show was loved rather than we went on a season too long and people fell out of love with it." [via Towleroad]

3.  Danny Bowien plans to open two new restaurants in New York and the Bay Area. No details on the NYC restaurant, but the new San Francisco eatery will probably not be serving Asian food. [via Eater]

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