Henny Garfunkel's Celebrity Portraits from the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Though we've been in Fashion Week mode for the past month with New York, London, Milan and Paris, we couldn't forget the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF was held early last month and photographer and longtime PAPER friend Henny Garfunkel was there taking portraits of all the actors and directors promoting their new works. Below, a note from Henny.

I started photographing at film festivals in 1993, doing editorial features for various magazines. Working at a film festival is very hectic, and there is a frenzy in the air, as the talent and the press are on very tight schedules, getting shuffled from one appointment to the next. Time is of the essence. Over the years, many of the same actors and directors have passed before me, and there has developed a familiarity between me and the subjects. Because we pass so quickly through each others lives, it's important to try and connect with these people, even for a few moments, and have a bit of fun. That connection is a vital part of making a good photograph.

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