Hennessy Youngman's Latest "Art Thoughtz" Is a Must-Watch If You're Pondering an MFA

Gary Pini

Drop out of grad school and save money. That's the latest advice straight from the mouth of art world (and Internet) superstar Hennessy Youngman -- or as he's known to his mom and dad, Jayson Musson. Recently, Youngman has gone from YouTube critic with his Art Thoughtz series to infomercial spokesman for this "MFA on DVD" ($4.99 + shipping and handling). As he wisely points out: "Why take out a loan just to hold up your end of a conversation at a Creative Time benefit?" Order your shiny copy of the DVD now and get "all the essentials" including PDFs of essential, non-dry-ass readings as well as prompts to simulate a studio visit with a real-life art professor, including "I'm sorry, can you say that again? I'm having a hard time understanding your accent." To learn more about the "art world provocateur" check out our profile in the new issue of PAPER.

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