Earlier this month, Kanye shared with the world that he was apparently $53 million in debt -- a shocking admission that spurred a GoFundMe and several thinkpieces about how it could've gone so wrong.

And while many made jokes, NYC creative agency BRAVÒ decided to (kind of, not really) do something by developing Kanyestarter, a LOL-worthy app that sees Kanye collecting emoji money. Altruism at its finest, right?

Teaming up with Visionnaire.Media, the game is actually a global application, with the total counter keeping track of other people's efforts i.e. if a player in Milan has Kanye eat $200, when you play in NYC, you'll then start from $200. And while it's all, uh, fake money, at the very least you can spend a few minutes pretending to make it rain?

Play Kanyestarter here.


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