gif by Frances Adair Mckenzie

GIF art is all over Instagram already, but the next step is actually bringing it to life via augmented reality -- and at the forefront of this movement is art book publisher Anteism. 

But how does it work, exactly? Well basically, Anteism is printing a physical book with normal, 2D pictures, however, once you can scan said photo via a special app, you'll be able to play the corresponding GIF on your phone or iPad. And their next effort? A project from Montreal-based artist Frances Adair Mckenzie's Glossed Over and Tucked Up, which highlights her warped and "weirdly erotic" fashion-influenced characters. 

As Mckenzie told The Creators Project, she believes her work is particularly suited to this method of presentation as the photos will "initially appear quite innocent, then as the screen unveils their movements, you really understand their intrinsic sensuality." And the idea of the viewer being the one who ultimately, er, "stimulates" the images is apparently "totally ideal!"

Help crowdfund the book here.

[h/t Creators Project]
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