Automated Twitter bots quickly becoming a powerful tool for protest, especially with the advent this weekend of one @StayWokeBot, which will provide you all the necessary information to reach your senators and demand an end to gun violence.

And while it was definitely an option to use that handle to redirect to Matt McGorry's Twitter, we're glad the developers decided to use this squatted account for the greater good. Best of all, it's really easy to use. Just tweet your state to the bot and they will give you a pertinent number to call with a request to vote for universal background checks and the Hate Crime Prevention Act, which prohibits people who've committed hate crimes from buying guns.

And as a bonus, the bot also tweets out affirmations comparing Twitter users to iconic black celebrities and activists, so if you feel the need to also fish for a Beyoncé comparison, keeping tweeting. Check out the bot here and call your senators.

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